Seven Propositions about Form, Function, and Understanding in Learning Groups


The seven propositions presented here about how learning groups in early childhood form, function, and demonstrate understanding come
from the
Making Learning Visible book (2001; see pp.246-268 for further information). These propositions were identified by Reggio educators
based on over thirty years of observation, documentation, and interpretation of young children's learning in Reggio classrooms. Proposition I
identifies six factors that influence how learning groups form and function; Propositions II-VI describe different ways in which learning groups
function; and Proposition VII lists eight indicators that learning groups are supporting and demonstrating understanding. These propositions are
not fixed; they are intended to be reconsidered in each new classroom situation. We would love to hear from visitors to this site about how these
propositions play out with learning groups of older students or adults and in other cultures or contexts.

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